How to clean your pool

Just like every pool owner knows, there is a lot of work to be done before you can jump in the pool and relax. We have some advice for you that can be helpful.

Think ahead

Before the pool season starts, and before you fill the pool up you need to clean it. Of course, you don’t need to just to clean surroundings of the pool. The best way of cleaning rocks and stones surface are by chlorine and water. When the pool is full there is more stuff to do.

If you have kids you know how much dirt is brought in the pool from the feet. Kids love to get in and out the pool. The best way to stop this is to make a feet cleaner. You can take a plastic bowl, or washbowl so kids can clean their feet before going in the pool. To ensure hygienic pool water you mast add chlorine to the water.

Debris is a big issue in the pools, we all know how much work it is to fetch out all the leaves, and insects. One of the better ways to prevent debris falling in is putting some kind of the cover on the pool when you don’t use it. But if the debris is already in you should use old god net to fish it out. Chlorine solution is the best way you can be sure that all bacteria and all microbes or algae left out are dissolved from the water.

Manage pH level

Another thing you need to pay attention is the pH balance in the water. You should keep the pH between 7.2 and 7.6, this can be done by adding baking soda in the water. You mast be careful, baking soda should be used only if the pH value is on the acid side. For example after using chlorine or something else for cleaning water from microbes and bacteria.


Your pool will stay clean if the pumps and filters are working properly, for this, you need to inspect them. Coached filters or pumps aren’t effective. Filters need to be replaced every tree years.

Enjoy your pool

When you clean your pool, the fun can start. And remember even if this process seems long, and hard the health of you, your family, and your friends is the most important thing. So no matter how much work seems to be clean your pool, and have a perfect summer.