Swimming-pool shapes

When putting a swimming pool in your back yard you should consider witch shape would be best for you. First, you need to see how much space you can take with the pool. When you have the dimensions of your future pool, all that you need to do is to pick out the shape. Here are some of the most popular shapes, some of them are more classic, and some are more fun.

Rectangular pool

This is probably the most popular shape of the pool, also it is the classic pool shape. The clean lines give this type of pool more formal feel. The rectangular pool is perfect for people who love to swim, because of its long, narrow, straight shape it is ideal for swimming laps. If you are active and work out often this is perhaps best solution for you.


Free-form pool

Free-form pools don’t have a definite shape. In most cases, they are built like this to complement the surrounding. If you already love your back yard as it is, but you want a pool for relaxing this one is for you. The free-form pool will preserve all natural beauty of your yard. This form of pool creates a relaxing and soothing atmosphere for all you dreamers out there.

L-shaped pools


The L-shaped pool is a favorite form of the pool for people with kids. Because of the shallow area around the steps of the pool. This shape is an extension of the rectangular pool. This makes L-shaped pool ideal for swimming laps, and still safe for less experienced swimmers. Also, this shape is awesome if you love sunbathing on sunny days.

Kidney shaped pools

This shape can easily be confused with free-form pool. Kidney shape becomes more popular over the years. This is tho its convenient size, it can look beautiful no meter how small it may seams. But more important is that this kind of the pool gives you an opportunity to have more than one activity in the pool. The kidney shaped pool is also perfect for pool parties. And you can always make thing more fun with waterfall, or hot tub.